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The Story Behind Our Company Name: SSP

Posted by Darren Ekron | 6/28/23 8:30 AM | 0 Comments


At SSP Fittings Corp., we often receive inquiries about the origin and meaning behind our company name. While "SSP" may not have a specific acronym, it carries a profound significance for us. In this blog post, we would like to take this opportunity to share the story behind our name and shed light on our rich history, values, and expertise.


Proudly Not Made in China

Posted by Darren Ekron | 5/28/20 4:15 PM | 0 Comments

At SSP when we say “Made in America”, we mean it. We mean it 100% of the time, every time we say it.


A Visual Insurance Policy for Fitting Installation - The Stop Collar

Posted by Darren Ekron | 11/11/16 10:25 AM | 0 Comments

We have all seen those “For Dummies” books.  And we understand the point of them is to try to make people feel more comfortable tackling something new.  And apparently they work.

Unfortunately, there is not really any sort of “Working with High Pressure, Critical Applications, Tubing, Connectors, and Valves for Dummies” book.  And if there was, possibly no one would read it.