We’ve Got Your Number!

Posted by Brenda Speck | 12/9/16 2:02 PM 0 Comments

SS-600-1-4, 6-4 FBZ-SS, 6MSC4N-316, DCT-6-4-SS.  I bet you recognize at least one of these numbers.  These are competitive item numbers from some of the big vendors who make tube fittings. And from years of experience you might recognize what specific fitting this is: 3/8” tube connection by ¼” male NPT, straight fitting.

SSP would call it a 6MC4.  #6 (tube connection) by male connector # 4.  Our complete item number for this configuration in 316 stainless steel, with a double ferrule design to compete with Swagelok is ISSD6MC4

By far the best thing about using, buying, selling, explaining, stocking, etc., SSP fittings is that SSP uses “significant item numbers”.

I               Instrumentation

SS           Stainless steel (type 316)

D             Duolok Brand

6              #6 = 3/8” tube connection.  (Expressed in 16ths)

M            Male (NPT)

C             Connector (straight fitting)

4              #4= ¼” inch. (Expressed in 16ths)

You can see how easy it is to understand SSP item numbers by looking at the chart!  It is easy to type, to keep in inventory, to price, and to recognize, and talk about.

It is a simple common language that can be understood by anyone, at any-time, just by looking at the number.  This makes it easy for the:  End user, the stock room, the distributor, and the factory. Even people with little exposure to our industry can easily and quickly grasp the information that is being conveyed by SSP item numbers, including contractors and customers.

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