The Story Behind Our Company Name: SSP

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At SSP Fittings Corp., we often receive inquiries about the origin and meaning behind our company name. While "SSP" may not have a specific acronym, it carries a profound significance for us. In this blog post, we would like to take this opportunity to share the story behind our name and shed light on our rich history, values, and expertise.

Founding and Early Days:

Back in 1926, in the bustling city of Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., SSP Fittings Corp. came into existence. Our journey began as a contract manufacturer of screw machine products made from brass and carbon steel, serving the general industry. These products were widely known as Standard Screw Products, and it is from this heritage that the name SSP originated.

A Nod to Our Roots and Expertise:

While the acronym SSP does not represent anything specific, it serves as a tribute to our humble beginnings and our enduring expertise in precision machining. Our company name carries the essence of the knowledge and craftsmanship we have cultivated over nearly a century. It reminds us of the foundation upon which we built our reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality fluid system components and assemblies.

Evolving Into a Leader in Operational Excellence:

As time progressed, SSP Fittings Corp. evolved and grew into a prominent force in the industry. Today, we stand as a leader in operational excellence, specializing in stainless steel and nickel-based alloy fluid system components and assemblies. Our commitment to delivering excellence remains unwavering, as we constantly strive to surpass customer expectations

The SSP Advantage:

What sets us apart from our competitors, both larger and smaller, is our unwavering focus on providing the best value to our customers. We understand the importance of delivering products and services that combine superior quality, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery. Our agility allows us to respond quickly to customer needs, while our attention to detail ensures precision and control in every aspect of our operations.

Emphasizing "Best Value":

At SSP Fittings Corp., we firmly believe that "Best Value" is more than just a catchphrase—it is a guiding principle embedded in our product and service delivery process. We place utmost importance on maintaining the highest standards of quality in every component and assembly we produce. By optimizing our processes and leveraging our expertise, we ensure that our customers receive the finest products and services at a competitive price.


In the realm of stainless steel and nickel-based alloy fluid system components and assemblies, choosing SSP means gaining access to a world of advantages. Our name may not have a specific acronym, but it represents our unwavering dedication to our heritage, expertise, and operational excellence. With a history deeply rooted in precision machining, we have emerged as a leading provider, ensuring the highest quality products and services with unparalleled precision, control, and efficiency. Don't miss out on the benefits that come with selecting SSP—make the smart choice and experience the difference for yourself!

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