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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Fittings

Posted by SSP Team | Dec 3, 2020 4:43:56 PM | 0 Comments

At SSP Fittings Corp., we are a premier manufacturer of tube, pipe, weld, and adapter fitting solutions. Throughout our nearly 100 years in business, we have received a wide variety of questions from customers about fittings. Here, the SSP team provides answers to several of these frequently asked questions (FAQs). 


American Made Means Less Waiting

Posted by SSP Team | Sep 22, 2020 11:00:00 AM | 0 Comments

There are a number of benefits to buying products manufactured in America. The high quality of products and effect it has on our economy are two that we often discuss. But what about the effect it has on your supply chain? When looking for products with a quick turnaround, it is crucial to consider the location of the factory. 


American Made Means Quality

Posted by SSP Team | Jul 28, 2020 4:39:59 PM | 0 Comments

There are a number of benefits to buying products manufactured in America. One of the most commonly agreed upon is quality. American made products are viewed by consumers as being of higher quality than their second and third-world manufactured counterparts; with good reason, most often they are. When companies produce products in the US, they can have complete control of every aspect of the product, from design to packaging. They are manufactured to rigorous standards in plants that are required to abide by numerous rules and regulations. Products made abroad aren’t always subject to that scrutiny.


The Most Common Mistakes Made During Tube Fitting Installation

Posted by SSP Team | Jun 1, 2020 4:30:24 PM | 0 Comments

Every connection is a potential leak point in a fluid system, this is why it is essential to pay special attention when using items like tube fittings to make them. Improper selection and installation of tube fittings can cause environmental releases, safety problems, and increased costs. 


Proudly Not Made in China

Posted by Darren Ekron | May 28, 2020 4:15:28 PM | 0 Comments

At SSP when we say “Made in America”, we mean it. We mean it 100% of the time, every time we say it.


The Role of JIC Fittings: What They Are, Advantages, and Applications

Posted by SSP Team | May 7, 2020 11:57:21 AM | 0 Comments

JIC fittings (also known as SAE 37° tube fittings, flared fittings, or SAE J514 fittings) are one of the most popular configurations of hydraulic fluid connectors in North America, thanks to their exceptional seal and versatility.


How to Make a Successful Tube Fitting Supplier Switch

Posted by SSP Team | Mar 27, 2020 10:43:09 AM | 0 Comments

Delays, inconsistent product performance, and the inability to meet production specifications can be more than enough to make one seek out a new tube fitting supplier. However, evaluating other suppliers on the market and making a seamless transition can be tricky. In this quick guide, we’ll provide recommendations as to how to assess tube fitting suppliers based on their safety assurance, resource availability, product performance, and overall reliability. Selecting a supplier that you trust is essential to keeping your instrumentation system running smoothly.


How to Successfully Install Instrumentation Tube Fittings

Posted by SSP Team | Mar 27, 2020 10:19:13 AM | 0 Comments

Instrumentation tube fittings encompass not only standard items such as adapters and connectors, but also non-standard types like fittings for calibration and special orifices. It is critical to the correct and long-term functionality of the instrumentation system that tubes and tube fittings are installed properly. Though the components and their assembly may look simple, errors during storage, fabrication, and installation are all too common. These errors result in sub-optimal performance and reduced lifespan of tubing systems.


The Truth About Interchanging & Intermixing Instrumentation Tube Fittings

Posted by SSP Team | Mar 12, 2020 10:40:45 AM | 0 Comments

In Part 1 of our instrumentation tube fittings series, we outlined the differences between our Unilok, Duolok, and Griplok fittings. Each of these fittings were developed with clear, specific goals in mind: to provide safe and reliable connections and to intermix and interchange with other tube fittings from approved manufacturers.


A Kickstart Guide to SSP’s Instrumentation Tube Fittings: Unilok, Duolok, and Griplok

Posted by SSP Team | Mar 9, 2020 10:43:35 PM | 0 Comments

SSP is a premier manufacturer of high-quality instrumentation fittings suitable for use in a wide range of applications. The lines we supply are Unilok, Duolok, and Griplok, each of which features distinct design and operational characteristics.